Storage Stress

Who isn’t happy to see FrontierVille’s release of the Storage Shed? I don’t know about you, but quite a few of my neighboring homesteads are starting to look like a combination of some creepy roadside attraction and the garage of that crazy old uncle on dad’s side.

FrontierVille Storage Shed

Storage Shed!

Whew! Now we can store all of those unnecessary decorations that, frankly, we don’t really need but for some reason can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. Right?

Wrong! The storage shed only holds twenty items (though it comes with a promise for future expansion), and there’s an additional catch.  Guess what the storage shed drops as your daily bonus? That’s right. More decorations! Every day you collect your bonus from the shed you will get one random non-horseshoe decoration.

If you don’t need it on your homestead and you can’t quite seem to sell it off or give it away, I guess you could, well, store it? You know, for when you do finally need 20 bales of hay, wooden benches, shovels or whatevers.

thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.comWhy can’t we seem to just get rid of the things we don’t need? As of 2005 there was nearly two billion square feet of personal storage space in the United States. That’s just counting the storage facilities that you rent to keep all your stuff offsite. This doesn’t even count cluttered garages, basements, spare rooms, closets, attics, car trunks, and bottoms of grandmothers’ purses.

What is going on? How do we manage to accumulate so much stuff and why do we feel a need to hold on to it?

I found a fabulous blog that refers to “Clutter Entropy” and offers eight unusual tips to fight this. One of which is to limit, rather than expand, your storage space. Interesting!

In fact, while scouring the web for you, my friends, I came upon website after website and blog after blog that offer tips and hints on decluttering, organizing and storing. (Here’s a particularly good one: Learning How To Let Go Of Clutter by bripbap)

Many of these sites refer to the stress and strain that living or working  in a cluttered environment entails.

So, while you are questing away to build and take best advantage of your FrontierVille Storage Shed, why not take a couple of steps to clear out a bit of space in your real homestead too? Here are some ways to start:

Donate to Goodwill!Donate what you can to Goodwill (or the charity of your choice) In the current economic crisis that many families are going through, a well stocked thrift store can make a difference, especially now during back-to-school season.

So why not take a good look around and see what you aren’t using but someone else might be really happy to have, especially right now. As an added bonus, Goodwill employs disabled and struggling people who want to work, so your donation is kind of like a two-fer.

paper clip storage never looked so pretty!

Or maybe you really need to keep your stuff around but just wish it was, less “cluttered looking?”

See Jane Work is an unusual online store that offers some fabulous designer storage and organization items, mostly for the office or home-office.

Yes, it sure would be nice if all of our stuff was given away, hidden away or Organized Neatly.

But then what, you might ask, will happen to all of those storage units – remember that nearly two billion square feet of space in the US taken up by you-store-it type places? Don’t worry! The obscure but awesome movie Primer has a great idea for how to put them to good use.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! I agree that the storage places are ridiculous. If you have that much extra stuff and you aren’t “between homes” like during a move, sell everything that’s there and move on.

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